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Arsenic, book 3 in the Southern Quest Motorcycle Club Series now available on Amazon.

Raised by a controlling, doomsayer family Lilly was trained to survive an apocalypse. Now, that the world has been devastated by a scientific error, she finds herself alone. However, surviving brought her into contact with Arsenic, a gorgeous biker with a penchant for discipline. Lilly could survive without him but does she really want to?

Arsenic’s emotions are locked down until he meets Lilly. She shatters his control and stirs his fears that he could become like his father, a rage-driven murderer. They are on a journey to her childhood home for much needed supplies. Is he strong enough to keep her safe from the dangers during their journey and the danger within himself?

They find no matter what danger they face, they are stronger together. Are they up to the challenge and the consequences?

Jawbone, Book 2 in the Southern Quest Motorcycle Club Series: available now in ebook and print!

Amelia was attending an all-girls college and was close to graduating when the apocalypse struck. She braved the new world with her best friend, Eden and her father but when they reach a safe location she hunkers down. It doesn’t take long for her to realize she made a mistake.

Jawbone is the VP of his motorcycle club which has created their own safe haven after the virus outbreak. When he rescues Amelia there’s an instant attraction but he knows he isn’t good enough for the pampered, virginal young woman. At least he wasn’t in the old world. Now, he and his crew stand between her and death. Are her feelings for him real or is she using him for protection?

Amelia is drawn to the big biker and their lifestyle even if they have some antiquated rules about punishment. Jawbone is dangerous, sexy and when she pushes him too far, he claims her. Belonging to him means submitting or feeling his hand on her bottom. Amelia soon finds she doesn’t mind a little pain with her pleasure. However, they both have issues with abandonment and rejection. Can they heal each other or will their problems pull them apart?

This is book two in the Southern Quest MC series and can be enjoyed independently.

Cein - available now on Amazon!

A short erotic story about a second chance at love.

A second chance at love. After a nasty divorce, Sara encounters her teenage crush. The hot biker is more than willing to show her everything she has missed.

Coming Soon:

Working on a Christmas story for part of an anthology from Blushing Books!

The Billionaire's Appetite -
Contemporary romance
Pre-order date: April 19, 2022
Release date: May 31, 2022
From: Totally Bound Publishing

Spade's Choice- Gay romance
Pre-order date: May 31, 2022
Release date: July 12, 2022
From: Pride Publishing