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Motorcycle Men


Book One in the Inclusion MC series

He turned his back on his brothers for the man he loved.

Spade is a bi-sexual biker struggling with his sexual identity when he meets Cyrus, his new neighbor. An instant attraction is formed and he wastes little time in getting to know Cy. Spade has never had a relationship he couldn’t easily walk away from but this time might be different. As his feelings deepen, he must choose between Cyrus and his club.

Cyrus is intimidated and intrigued by the big, biker next door. Cyrus has never explored his sexual feelings for a man but Spade makes him want to. When Spade makes advances, he willingly surrenders to him. He wants to experience everything with Spade because he knows the dominant biker will soon tire of him.

Spade quickly realizes he must give up the club even if it means losing his best friend, Snake because he can’t part from Cyrus. When Snake discovers his secret, they almost come to blows but Cyrus helps to negotiate peace between the two friends.

Spade made his choice and it is to be with Cyrus but can he adjust to everything that comes with living a gay lifestyle? He must if he wants a happily ever after.


He would protect her even if it killed them both. Their second chance was paid for in blood.

Mace, the President of Wraith’s Blood MC is out for vengeance. Juice, his best friend, and Sergeant at Arms was just gunned down. Juice’s last request was that he protect his sister, Scarlett. Nothing or nobody would stop him from keeping his promise to Juice, not even Scarlett herself.

There was bad blood between him and Scarlett but that didn’t matter right now. Her safety, the safety of his club was all that mattered. Keeping Scarlett safe would prove tricky since he couldn’t trust anyone else to protect her and she didn’t want to be near him.

A few years back, she wanted much more than friendship and he’d been tempted. But Scarlett was a promising artist not meant for club life and that was all he knew. So, he slapped her down hard and she hated him ever since.

She’d graduated from a prestigious art school but instead of moving to New York and pursuing her dream, she’d stayed here opened a tattoo shop and made a name for herself. Scarlett hadn’t come to a club function in years but everyone knew she was Juice’s sister and that put her in danger.

Juice had discovered some shady dealings involving some of their brothers and it cost him his life. Now, Mace must figure out who he can trust while keeping Scarlett safe. Mace will risk his life to save her and his club. But Scarlett won’t sit idly by while Mace is in danger even if she’s breaking the rules.

Southern Quest MC:

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A short, erotic story. A second chance at love. After a nasty divorce, Sara encounters her teenage crush. The hot biker is more than willing to show her everything she has missed.

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